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How rel attributes in HTML affect SEO?

rel attributes in HTML affect SEO

The rel attribute in HTML elements, particularly within the <a> and <link> tags can have a significant impact on search engine optimization (SEO). Several rel values directly influence how search engines understand and treat links. Here are the most relevant rel values that affect SEO: canonical nofollow noopener noreferrer prev and next alternate external ugc […]

What’s Technical SEO? 9 Important Aspects to Consider

Technical SEO

As an SEO and web dev with years under my belt, I’ve seen the landscape of search engine optimization evolve considerably. There’s one area, though, that remains critical regardless of the passing trends: technical SEO. The technical backbone of a site can greatly influence its performance in search engine results, but it’s an aspect that’s […]

What is an SEO Audit? Is it important for your website?

seo audit from A to Z

An SEO audit is important to a regular health checkup for our bodies. Just as you wouldn’t overlook a persistent cough, ignoring signs of a struggling website can be detrimental. Let’s embark on this diagnostic journey to understand the significance of an SEO audit. 1. Current Status: Taking the Website’s Pulse 1.1 Performance Metrics Delve […]